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The wax with elastic structure is designed using the latest technologies that allow you to apply and detach it in any direction, regardless of the direction of hair growth. Due to the soft texture, which completely envelops the hair, you will remove up to 98.9% of the hair from the first layer.

The wax is synthetic, so it is perfect for sensitive areas of the face! The delicate formula does not cause redness and skin irritation.

Several reasons to start working with this revolutionary wax:

It does not contain perfume, the main cause of allergic reactions

It is hypoallergenic

It does not contain rosin (popularly called sacaz), an ingredient that often causes allergies. To avoid this, the main ingredient in InLei® SENSITIVE WAX is synthetic resin.

It melts at low temperature, so you will avoid skin burns

Reduced pain for the client

It does not cause redness or swelling

Visible results even after 4-6 weeks

Learn more about Inlei® SENSITIVE WAX and how to use it here.

Inlei® WAXY

Professional, compact and easy-to-use wax heater. WAXY is a reliable temperature-adjustable device with intelligent thermostat.

It is small in size (only 200 ml) and you can heat even a small amount of wax in a very short time

The durable ABS cover helps keep the heat inside so the desired temperature will be reached faster

You can adjust the temperature from 30 to 125 degrees

The smart thermostat keeps the wax at the desired temperature

The aluminum container can be removed even when hot, using the handle included in the package

Learn more about Inlei® WAXY and how to use it here.

Protective rings

To increase the life of the Inlei® WAXY wax heater, use protective rings, available in a set of 50 pieces. I’m a reliable help if you want the wax heater to always stay clean. This will prevent accidental wax leaks. They are made of high quality, heat-resistant cardboard.