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InLei® Kit Lash Filler, the innovative, safe and clinically tested product that thickens and nourishes your hair, giving your lashes a natural curvature, bringing all the attention to your eyes.
This set contains the complete treatment of your eyelashes, not only influences the thickness of the hair, but also stimulates the root and the proliferation of keratin, thus helping to grow eyelashes from the first application!
The application is simple and safe, the total treatment lasts about an hour, and the effect lasts
up to 6-8 weeks.
The kit offers between 25 and 30 treatments, and the adhesive of about 10 treatments.
Your lashes will grow up to 24% in just 3 sessions!
Their shape becoming perfect complementing your already perfect eyes thanks to professional eyelash curlers.It’s sure!
Being tested at a University Institute in Milan, it guarantees the results of healthy growth, curvature and structure of the eyelashes and eyebrows for up to 6-8 weeks.
All the substances in this kit have been created in such a way as to work in harmony with each other, complementing each other so that the hair receives the highest quality and healthiest treatment possible to safely support the perfect shape of your eyelashes and eyebrows.
Because perfect eyes need perfect eyelashes.
Instructions for use:
• The shape of the client’s eyes and eyelashes is evaluated to choose the appropriate curlers.
At the time of treatment, the eyes should be healthy, clean, without irritation of the eye or eyelid. Eyelashes must be present and healthy! To clean the eyelashes and the area around the eyes use InLei® MOUSSE – DELICATE EYE REMOVAL FOR EYES AND FACE .
• The eyelashes and the area around the eyes are cleaned with InLei® SALINE PRETREATMENT
• With the help of a PATCH (pillow) the lower lashes are blocked and at the same time, the skin is protected.
• With InLei® FIXING GEL , the curlers are positioned on the upper eyelid (with the eye closed) on both eyes. To choose the right ones, check if the client’s eyelashes are half the curlers.
InLei® TOTAL Curlers are numbered from 1 – they are suitable for a more natural curvature as they lift the lashes directly from the root. Those without 1 produce more arches as they rise from the middle of the lashes to the tip.
• Using InLei® FIXING GEL , the lashes are lifted and positioned on the curler in the desired position.
• The first substance InLei® FORM 1 , is applied 1.5 – 2 mm from the root, using a
brush, without applying on the tip of the lashes.
Depending on the nature of the lashes: medium, thin or thick, it is left for 6-12 minutes to take effect.
In the case of very stiff lashes, after the first 3 minutes of exposure, place film sheets over the eyes and cotton swabs moistened with water at 36.6 ° C, then cover with a clean, dry cotton towel, which remains until the time of application of InLei® FORM 1 , which in this case is 12-14 minutes.
To proceed to the next step, remove the first substance completely with a stick or a dry cotton swab.
• InLei® FIX 2 is applied, following the same procedure, the time being reduced by half compared to InLei® FORM 1 . After the time has elapsed, remove with a stick or dry cotton swab.

• While waiting for InLei® FIX 2 , prepare the INLei colouring cream mixed with Developer 1.5% 5 VOL with the chosen colour and let it react for a few minutes.
After removing the InLei® FIX 2 solution, the colour is placed on the eyelashes and left in position for 8-12 minutes (depending on the type of hair).
The colouring cream should be spread on the lashes initially in a thin layer, then add more amount to cover all the lashes very well to the top.
Finally, completely remove the colouring cream with a cotton swab.
Note: Immediately after application, the cream remains transparent. It will begin to develop
colour when it is already on the hair. INLei paints is created with the latest technologies.
• Apply the substance InLei® FILLER 3 using a brush using quick movements, the product
is used to reposition the eyelashes that came out of the curler. Allow the product to penetrate until completely absorbed. With a damp cotton swab, the curlers are removed without touching the lashes. Clean the root of the eyelashes and any residue of colouring cream with a micro brush.


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