Introducing InLei® ADIUTRIX: Your Solution for Short and Sparse Eyelashes!

InLei® ADIUTRIX, wrapped in its iconic green packaging, is here to save the day! After years of dedicated research and development, we have finally brought to life the product of your dreams. This revolutionary eyelash and eyebrow serum, powered by advanced plant-based technologies, promises to give you longer, voluminous, and radiant lashes. And let me tell you, it delivers!

The Birth of InLei® ADIUTRIX

This incredible product was born out of a genuine need expressed by our valued customers. Ever since the introduction of the InLei® Lash Filler treatment, there has been a demand for a supportive product that can be used at home to further enhance lash thickness and nourishment. At InLei®, we prioritize meeting the needs of our customers, and we have fulfilled this wish for you!

Our goal was clear from the start:

  • to combine the exceptional quality of ingredients that have always defined the InLei® brand
  • the safety of the formulation
  • the product’s effectiveness
  • and the absence of any adverse effects on the hair follicles.

To achieve this, our research laboratories have crafted a powerful serum for eyelash and eyebrow growth, exclusively using ingredients permitted by the European Cosmetic Regulation.

The Power of Innovative Molecules

InLei® Adiutrix relies on two key active complexes to work its magic. The REBALANCING complex, enriched with Mung Bean Sprouts and Red Clover, helps restore the follicular cycle of the hair. By deeply penetrating the hair structure, it promotes the growth of longer and thicker lashes. On the other hand, the VOLUMIZING complex, featuring Rice Amino Acids and Fermented Date Extract, moisturizes and improves the hair’s structure. It smoothens the outer surface and increases the thickness of each strand, resulting in fuller, more voluminous lashes. This unique composition maximizes hair volume while strengthening the internal structure, making it more resilient and flexible.

Witness the Results of InLei® Adiutrix: Before and After

Treatment Duration: 2 Months

But why did we choose these specific ingredients? Fermented Date Extract, known for its emollient and moisturizing properties, contains vitamins B1, B2, and B6 that enhance hair pigmentation and volume. This fruit’s rich carbohydrate content nourishes and thickens lashes and eyebrows, protecting them from external aggressors and providing a lustrous shine. As for Rice Water, it has been used for hair care for centuries. Inspired by its efficacy in keeping traditional Japanese floor-length hair healthy and strong, we decided to apply it to lashes. The results we observed were truly satisfying, granting the wishes of many women longing for longer and glossier lashes.

Does It Really Work?

We conducted a scientific study to assess the long-term efficacy of InLei® Adiutrix with 20 volunteers. After consistently applying the product morning and evening for at least 30 days, the results proved its effectiveness! To maximize your results, we recommend using InLei® ADIUTRIX continuously for 40 to 50 days, both morning and evening. You can witness the visible difference with your own eyes: your lashes and eyebrows will appear significantly thicker, and your gaze will exude intensified allure.

Still sceptical? See the transformations for yourself!

Treatment Duration: 3 Months

How to Incorporate InLei® ADIUTRIX Into Your Routine

Using InLei® ADIUTRIX couldn’t be simpler! Just apply it onto clean lashes and eyebrows in gentle upward motions, allowing it to dry naturally. And that’s it! The specially designed brush, equipped with soft and thick bristles, ensures complete coverage of each lash and brow hair. This facilitates proper product absorption and makes the application process a breeze. As they say, minimal effort yields maximum results!

Conquering Packaging Challenges

Would you believe that one of our biggest challenges was finding the perfect packaging? Surprisingly, achieving the exact InLei® green color on plastic materials proved to be quite complicated. The bottle’s body and cap are made of different materials, and it took us five months of rigorous press tests in collaboration with top Italian manufacturers to match the color precisely.

InLei® Adiutrix Bottle

Below, you can see some of the design variations we explored during months of dedicated work. Crafting the perfect graphics was a demanding task, but we finally succeeded in finding the shapes and colors that perfectly represent our product. It’s worth noting that currently, only one machine in Italy can accomplish this printing process in a single step—an incredible testament to its uniqueness.

The inner packaging showcases a contrasting texture that further accentuates the product’s beauty. Embellished with colored foil details, the outer packaging exudes elegance and sophistication, much like the product it houses. The iridescent surfaces add a touch of class, sparkling in the sunlight—an exquisite finishing touch to our beauty elixir. Experience the Difference with InLei® ADIUTRIX Today!